Frequently Asked Questions...

1. Do we charge for investigations?

Answer: No we are a Non-Profit Organization


2. Do we disclose information obtained on investigations?

Answer: That is on a case by case basis. By default we do not.


3. What areas do we investigate?

Answer: Most of Georgia, Parts of Alabama and Tennessee. We can go further if the investigation warrants it.


4. Can we be inside the house/building during the investigation?

Answer: It is your house, so we can't tell you no, but it is preferred that no one is in the house/building during the investigation except for our investigators.


5. How long does the investigation take?

Answer: Usually it takes 1 whole night to do it but it can take longer if the location is big enough.


6. Do the owners/landlords/residence get a copy of the findings?

Answer: Yes upon request.